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HELP! "Unity Not Responding" state

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Hello!  Im currently working on a project and using Unity 5.6 (VRTK/SteamVR/Vive).  I recently purchased the program thru the Unity Asset store and ever since I installed Playmaker I have not been able to get it to play my current project.  Once I click play it automatically locks up so I have to manually end task. All errors were completed and removed and I did back up my game (thank goodness)

Can someone please help/advise?

Maybe Playmaker did not got installed properly.
is 'playmaker' visible in the top menu bar?
Can you Make a video of what is happening?
or some screenshots.

Have you tried Playmaker on a new project?

It is indeed important always to have backups of your projects :)

Im at a lost right now... Couldnt get the back up running either when I opened up a new project. [<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Unity &quot;Not Responding&quot; photo Unity Not Responding_zpslnr0078f.jpg"/></a>][/url]

I can't view your pictures. can you upload them again or somewhere else?

Hopefully this one goes thru



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