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String Split: \n \t separators don't work, but will split n's and t's[SOLVED]


Found this after I wrote the below, my report is a bit clearer: http://hutonggames.com/playmakerforum/index.php?topic=12940.msg60396#msg60396

Playmaker version 1.8.4
(latest as of now)

Action: String Split
Issue: \n \t  separators don't work.

Expectation: According to tooltip, \n should accept a line break, and \t should accept a tab as separators.
Bug: It will treat any n or t as separator, e.g. D'artagnan will be split up. Also, will not split up at actual line break or tab.
Repro 1: make a string value, and set it to D'artagnan, then try the action with \n and \t.

Repro 2:

* create test.txt in asset folder, put d'artagnan Athos Aramis Porthos but each name into a line (or tab).
* Make a new FSM, add action "load from file" in first state.

* path is Assets/Test.txt, set variable e.g. "Test"
* next state, add the String Split action, try with \n or \t, and string array as e.g. "Data".
* Play, watch Data
Related, a small improvement would be to update the tooltip of Action "Load from File" (which I'm using in conjunction). Change the tooltip to: "e.g. Assets/Test.txt" giving users an instant idea where the text to load is expected.


This is still the case for playmaker 1.8.5! (\n does not nothing! )

Please, fix it as soon as possible!

I just encountered this issue, can confirm that \n does nothing, it is only written as any text.
Unity 2017.2.0f3 Playmaker 1.8.5.f8


 check this: http://hutonggames.com/playmakerforum/index.php?topic=12940.msg60413#msg60413

inputing the litteral string \n isn;'t working because it will treat \ as a character and not a special keychar.



Thank you Jeanfabre!  :)


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