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Just showcasing whats going on with my project, used to keep learning and motivating myself.

Its a game I designed time ago. An FP Dungeon Crawler with turn based combat.
Enemies are going to be fully PBR 2D Images showing front/side/back sprites.
Im doing everything, coding and art  8)

(Old mockup)

Turn Based Combat mockup

UI mockup

Ive done a pretty solid character controller.
Im able to raycast efficiently (all is done by event) and now I can detect interactable elements and show correct UI depending on the distance. Character cant move if there is collission around (this scene has no wall)

Video link

Whoa! It looks very nice!

When i see something like this i can't help to think how far away i am from something this good haha :D

A big update I guess after a full year of hard work on this.
Game is playable and working already on the third level.
Some screenshots:


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