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How can i use ApplicationGetSystemLanguage?[SOLVED]

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ho young ryoo:
Hi, again.

My project is nearing the end.
I want to support language by country.

And I find in playmaker ApplicationGetSystemLanguage.

But, I have no to use this.

Can you tell me how to use it?
Can I get an example?

the ApplicationGetSystemLanguage gets the system language, and returns it as a string.
this way you know what the default language is on the pc/mac/android/... Device.

Then its up to you how you set the languages.

you can use for example arrays start with a list with your supported languages.
To know which languages you can include, look here
then have an array for each language.
or you can use xml(using Datamaker)

ho young ryoo:
Sorry, I still do not understand.

Can I get some example?

It's my game.

And this is my setting.

Please, help me.

ho young ryoo:
Hi, I tried like this... it's not working...something wrong..


 For this you will need a database or a series of files containing each language words for ALL your content.

I would strongly suggest using a dedicated system for this on the Asset store, else it will be a nightmare for you to implement if you are beginning.

I would strongly suggest getting this, or at least watch the videos to grasp how much work is required to do localization.!/content/14884




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