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How can i make camera like Calsh of Clans?[SOLVED]


ho young ryoo:
Hello. I'm preparing a new project.
And I have new issue.
I tried to make a camera that moves by touch.
I tried it for a week to create a camera with the ability to move to the drag, zoom in, and move only in the area using a touch of the screen like a Clash of Clans.
I studied "touch event" but I still can not find a way.

And I tried, "Drag Camera" but it's not work what I want.
It was very hard to move camera.

And I found something in Unity Asset but it does not work.(something error)!/content/14489

If you have any good idea, please share it.

ho young ryoo:

I decided to use something in the store without solving it inside the playmaker.!/content/30111

Please let me know if there's a better way.


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