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Unity Collaborate and PlayMaker not working well together


Hi Everyone,

 Unfortunatly, Unity Collaborate (https://unity3d.com/unity/features/collaborate) system doesn't work well with PlayMaker, so for the time being and until we officially announce proper support for Unity Collaborate, it's strongly recommanded to not use Unity Collaborate with PlayMaker based project and stick to github or svn for the time being.

Basically, there are issues during concurrent editing and one user will be spoiled and will never see the editing of the other developers, and the only way ( for now, we are investigating) is to redownload the whole project from scratch... ouch...

 If you are working in solo, and want a safe way to back up your work, Unity Collaborate and PlayMaker will be fine to use, but if you expect concurrent editing on the same Scenes and Fsm, then it's a not go at the moment.

 We'll keep you inform of the progress on this.

[EDIT] We talked to the Unity Collab team at Unite Austin last week and they are likely not to do anything about it until several months, that's very unfortunate and simply means that we can not provide any support while serialization ( and smartmerge) is reworked from the ground up.



A good alternatve (if not the best) is using github/sourcestree.

There are many tutorials on youtube how to set this up.

Thanks guys! Just looked up Collab support here and found this. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We have been using github and Sourcetree with Unity for our source control for over a year now, but that still doesn't really allow two people to edit the same files together.

Hoping for Collab support sometime in the new year :)


 yes, and also be aware this is not just for PlayMaker, we are talking about everything not text based... Animator, Avatar, Curves, Scenes ( Unity collab seems to want to diff scenes, but as we saw, their system is not yet ready and they don't seem like having an answer to it until end of next year), materials, any prefabs, etc etc.

 Bottom line, your best approach is to comment thouroughly, commit often, very often ( I even commit several times for a single feature commiting it bits by bits to cut down on even smaller feature, so that's it's clear what's happening, what's new, etc etc).




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