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Show that an FSM is dependent on other FSMs



I was having a hard time refactoring and improving FSMs since a bunch of them rely on other FSMs for variables and events. I wanted to know at a glance which FSMs and States relied on other FSMs so I used the description panel. Suddenly things are a lot clearer and less overwhelming.

Just thought that it would be nice to have some icons or warnings in the state box and inspector component showing these dependencies.


Yes, documenting will get you a long way. As for automating this I am not sure there is anything planned on this, I did propose this few years ago myself :) so I am with you on this! :)



Alex Chouls:
Project level tools (dependencies, search etc.) are definitely going to be a focus in upcoming updates. Thanks for posting your solution, it helps us to see what people would find useful and to visualize potential solutions.


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