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Trying to follow Touch Info video(maybe ios only?)


I am following touch info, which i believe maybe only ios?

I ran it on my device via remote, and when i touch the screen the cube jumps to the main camera blocking my view. it get stuck in the action i have an image of below. I guess touch info isn't for android. so how can i do a simple touch and drag object on mobile with playmaker.

a few things I changed and noticed. Screen to world point. someone in a playmaker chat on slack pointed out, that I am setting Screen Z to 1. if I change to 1, it doesn't jump to the camera anymore. however looking at debug info. I see screen x and y being set and updated in screen to world point, but "store world vector" it always sets X and Y to -4, and -13.9. so the object always moves at same point no matter where finger is placed. the image added is what it looks like when running


 touch infos is a generic action and works on all platforms with touch supported, so I think in your case it's just a logical issues in the fsm and action setup.




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