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Decouple Graph View



I couldn't find this suggestion so here it is:

It would be nice to decouple the graph view from the FSM/State/Events/Variables tab.

When I want to see the state actions as I test something, especially when there are a lot of them or I want to check the debug values, I often need to either pause and scroll down to see the debug value or have a gigantic playmaker editor window filling most of the screen just so I can see more actions.

The "Hide Unused" definitely helps but still, would be nice :)

Have a nice day!


 Yes, I would enjoy that too.





I am resizing the editor many times while using.
It would be great, to be able to place the graph view on my other screen

Alex Chouls:
I agree this would be useful. It's one of the design choices I made early on that I would change in retrospect.

I plan to implement this as new FSM, State, Events and Variables Inspector windows that can free-float with the ability to turn off the Inspector panel in the main editor. This gives you some flexibility, e.g., have the Variables Inspector open to debug at runtime while still looking at the State Inspector in the main editor. Or you could turn off the Inspector panel and dock the new Inspectors wherever you want.


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