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Hey Guys,

I wanted to ask if anybody worked with this or created actions for it? I really think it's something that is needed, since a lot of games are going to steam and it increases your changes of being seen.

I know there are some actions, but they seems a bit buggy. Here is the link:

We are going to use it for our game as well. So we are really interested in getting this working somehow. I haven't looked into the actions yet though.

this is my setup... the game is on Steam for more than a year

Can you give us some more insights?


 yes, Maybe I need to wrap this up and do a proper addon on steam and distribute on the Ecosystem.

@Clandestine let me know if you are willing to help me on this, Likely I would need a base game to work on this to speed up the process and cover as much ground as possible.



Very helpful thank you so much :)


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