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Can I use PlayMaker in an own unrelated asset for the Asset Store?


I recently started to create an own asset that extends the NGUI functionality by anything that I see it's missing (like sprite-animations, -shadows, etc.) and would like to use PlayMaker FSMs (only) in the Demo-Scenes, because I've gotten so used to it and it's way more convenient than creating scripts for everything.

Since this asset isn't targeted at PlayMaker users, I wonder if I can include a broken down PlayMaker version (the PlayMakerPreview package maybe?), so that the end-user doesn't need to have PlayMaker installed to let these FSMs run.

Is that possible/ok to do?
If so, I would probably also need to include the actions used in those FSMs or is there a different method entirely?

I think it is best to ask to alex
The full version is definitely a no, but for PlayMakerPreview package i am not sure.


 yes, I confirm, you'll need to ask permission to Alex for usage of the PlayMaker dll, even the preview one.




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