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Hi folks,

For the last few weeks I've been working on an old school style Shoot 'em Up using playmaker (fantastic tool btw), and I now have a playable demo of the first level available.

Here's the download link for anyone who's interested :

LINK REMOVED project updated

and a couple of screenshots :

For more information on the project here's a link to the relevant thread on the forums :

anyhow I hope you enjoy my work and big thanks to the playmaker devs for making such a great and easy to use tool.



Nice game.
I played it a little bit, the suspense music is very nice.

i find the movement of the player aircraft a bit slow tho.
Also i noticed some enemies keep shooting, even when they are off screen already.

Is this your 1st project?


Thanks for the feedback. :)

This is indeed my first project, I'm pretty much a total novice, I've made maps, mods and even total conversions for other games before but this my first attempt at making a full game. Virtually everything I know about using playmaker comes from watching these youtube tutorials :

I've already had some other people asking me to increase the ship speed so that's one of the first things I intend to fix, and I think I've already figured out a solution to the offscreen firing thing.

Btw the music is Mars The Bringer Of War from The Planets by Gustav Holst, one of my all time favourite classical tracks, it's also public domain so no copyright issues. :)

Thanks again for the feedback.


Happy to help, let me know when you have a new update :)
and feel free to ask anything on the forum if you get stuck.

I also like it!
You can implement a 'speed' pickup and you're free from critique.
From my personal perspective you must do it more 'over the top' (again, this is a question of taste, not a rule). The explosions must be bigger, the projectiles and ships should be bigger then their hit-boxes... anyway, i got excited, thats why i'm suggesting things :)

Some of my all time favorites below:


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