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Chickie Hop (Android)


Hi again all,
Chickie Hop available now on Google Play Store  ;D
I'm trying to be more productive now and focusing more on simple and
short game. Hope you guys like it :D

===How To Play===
Tap the left screen to hop left and right screen to hop right
Keep eating caterpillars and avoid spike and other animals

link :

Gameplay Video

Pretty cool, like a vertical flappy birdor something.

Maybe you should add more obstacles and increase the timer, to make it more varied, fun and challenging.

Good luck with it!

Hi Zeldag,
yup it's definitley came up from flappy bird,actually this idea came up after watching flappy bird in 2012, but it just stayed in my head until now yay ;D

yes i have plan to update it in the future,maybe add multiplayer, right after releasing all ideas in my head  ;D

Thx a lot for your input  ;)


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