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Localizing Playmaker - we need your help!

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Alex Chouls:
In 1.5.0 we've started translating the Playmaker editor into other languages.

I think we'll get the best translations from Playmaker users who actually use the software, so we're using an online service that lets users pitch in and offer translations.

Progress so far:

Chinese Simplified: 100%
Chinese Traditional: 100%
Japanese: 100%
French: 100%
Portuguese Brazilian: 80%
Dutch: 43%
German: 100%
Spanish: 100%
Swedish: 39%

And a bunch of languages at 0%

If you're a bilingual Playmaker user, who can help translate Playmaker into another language, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at



Just to point out that I am currently translating French, but I could do with a hand on corrections and suggestions as I am the first to admit I am really bad at grammar and spelling... :)

 also, I am having some dilema as to how to translate ( or not actually) typical keywords such as:

-- GameObject
-- FSM
-- Gizmo
-- Float
-- Int
-- Vector3 Vector2
-- Child

etc. There are more of course, but your opinion would be appreciated here.



Alex Chouls:
I think types that appear in the Unity API should not be translated.

I'll mark those in the project...

any chance with some Indian Languages

Russian?  :)


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