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Screen Pick[SOLVED]


I am using the Screen Pick action.. modified. But i can not get the action to give me a GO reference. I even tried the unmodified one and still nothing?

I get the position and distance etc.. i have it set up to send events etc. Everything works except for the GO reference.



 what doesn't work? you don't get the reference but you do get a hit? or else?



Well i get a hit and i have it set up to send an event etc... i filter with layers... my whole FSM runs around its states etc as i move the mouse around. I switch the cameras around..

but it does not send me a GO reference....

I will try your action as is and see what it does..


Dumb mistake.... i was testing for two objects were equal.... and i used '=' instead of '==' so it did not throw an error it was just erasing the result... ughhh.

I have my Screen Pick Plus set up to test and send events for new objects or no objects and to use the mouse x and y. Seems to work good. I was using Finger Gestures but it does not support Hover for PC/Mac. So i have dropped it totally and just using my own system. Well i can now at least..   ;D



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