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Re: MOUSE DOWN transition only working intermittently [SOLVED]


This is weird because it's only happening on one level of a game in progress. It takes a few clicks to get a MOUSE DOWN to register on any collider in the scene, as if it the game engine is 'distracted'. I'm doing the usual routine of disabling other objects in the scene and trying to find a culprit but I'm not finding the problem. Is there a general principle about the MOUSE DOWN transition that I should be aware of that could cause this intermittent registration?

Many thanks for any advice.

Found the issue but not exactly understanding why.
The Camera has a Rigidbody component, because I wanted it be be carried around by other moving objects. Changing the flag to 'Is Kinematic' to TRUE makes all the MOUSE DOWN events happy and lively.

Quote the manual: "If enabled, the object will not be driven by the physics engine, and can only be manipulated by its Transform. This is useful for moving platforms...". I need to read up more on what this is about.


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