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Welcome to the Hutong Games Playmaker Forum! Please feel free to introduce yourself, and tell the community what your working on with Playmaker!  ;D ;D

Hey everyone, I'm James/Murcho.

I'm based out of Sydney Australia, and have been working with PlayMaker since the early beta phases.

I can't really talk about what I'm working on with it right now due to NDA, however I can point you to a project I used it for in the Sydney Game Jam.  You can find the game here, and there is a short documentary on the event focusing on my team here.

Really love working with PlayMaker and can't wait to see how it evolves over time!

Hi all,

My name is Brandon Wu from Studio Pepwuper ( Started using Playmaker a few weeks ago, and now working on integrating it into Megan and the Giant (, as well as using it for prototyping various ideas for future games/apps :)

Keep up the good work!


Welcome Brandon and James!

Our forum is still a bit bare, but we're hoping things will get hopping soon! Thanks for joining and thanks for using Playmaker.   :-)


Yo :) Good to be one of the first around here, I've been touting PlayMaker high and low as often as I can heh. Really love its workflow and all the thought that went behind it to make it so clean, readable and designer-friendly.

We're planning to start porting our PC title, "Torment", state machines to PlayMaker in the next few weeks, should really help making things easier to expand and customize. Next week we'll test it in a not-yet-announced title for the iPhone as well.

I also intend to create one or two interesting PlayMaker video tutorials, I love sharing how-tos with the community, check my videos on youtube: brmaddox. Cheers,


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