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--- Quote ---I thought it would be nice to have a thread to request example scenes of how particular things work and have them located in a thread that can work as a library. Personally I've learned a lot by answering questions around here because I didn't know the answer either but digging in and figuring out how to make it work and making someone an example scene has actually taught me a lot so I'd like to expand on that.

I've noticed that some people seem to be hesitant about asking for help as if it would be an inconvenience for someone to help them, it's really not. Often times I find it easier to just make an example scene rather than explain how it might best work.

So, if you need to know if something can work, how it can be accomplished in Playmaker, wonder if it can even be done or are just struggling with a certain mechanic in your project just post a request for it here and I'll take a whack at building it. A few things I can't fulfill though - those being Networking, Mecanim or Pathfinding as I don't intend to use any of them in the next year.

Also, some time in the next week or so I'm going to start adding examples in here on various things that I want to experiment with and you'll be able to download them. They could be anything from character controllers, flight mechanics, puzzle logic systems, AI, trigger arrangements or something else. Before I implement anything in a project I usually make a blank scene and prototype it out to see how it works and go from there so I want to just offer those up here for the community.
--- End quote ---

Angry Ships (Top Down Shooter)
Web Player and Download
Current version: v0.1
[*]WASD Movement, Mouse Aiming, Ship art assets, Health, Weapons, Shop to purchase wings, interchangeable wing system, projectile basics, no use of global variables.
[*]The shop system in this is legacy. See Oomph project for better example.

Oomph (Space Sim, Combat & Customization Sys)
Webplayer and Release Thread
Current version: v1.0
[*]Easily rebindable controls, Pitch, Yaw, Pan, Thrust & Camera control system, plenty of custom art assets
[*]'Hangar' area where you may change the Engine, Wings and hardpoint weapon mounts of the craft to affect both engine speeds, weapon types, aesthetics and firing groups
[*]Plenty of weapon system examples[/list]

Matchup (Memory Match Two)
Webplayer and Download
Current version: v1.0
[*]Spawn random prefab objects in predefined locations
[*]Player clicks two tiles, game compares, send equal or unequal event[/list]

Moose Squad (Side Scroller)
Removed, since it was made kind of pointless since the 4.3 update to unity has a new 2D system.

Smaller Packages & Usage Examples
Child Waypoint System Example
[*]Moving an object between several points[/list]
Selecting Objects with Mouse Click
[*]Selection is relative, you need either a visual way to reflect it or to do something with the stored object.[/list]
Using Boolean actions to "lock" doors
[*]Booleans can be used for many things including puzzles and locking systems[/list]
Hover GUI buttons over game objects
[*]Camera movement does not disrupt location.[/list]


 Way to go! It could be good to host these in the wiki, it's not really convenient within a forum to start listing stuff. What do you say? Simply Contact Alex to get a wiki user account.



Yeah that could be easier, I think it would be best to wait until there is some more content before putting it on the Wiki, so maybe soon when there is some polished stuff if Alex allows it.

Here's the first pass at a Side Scroller game template. (attached)

I've canned this little project, check out Jean's port of the new 2D system

Got a bunch of kinks to work out and other features to add, but its a nifty start. Would someone mind testing? These will require the latest version of Unity.

Flying Robot:
Cool. Will test this tomorrow!

I'd suggest you put up a webplayer with these versions.

Here's a webplayer for it, its just a controller in a small room right now.


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