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Collecting actions to include in official updates

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Alex Chouls:
There are so many useful actions posted here that it's hard to keep up! :D

I'd like to get some of these into the official Playmaker release, but I need your help to track them down.

Good candidates are:

- Actions that fix bugs in official actions.
- Actions that extend official actions with new options.
- New actions that lots of people might find useful :D

NOTE: Actions that extends official actions should not break the old behavior. Existing projects might depend on that behavior. For example: Any new options should default to a value that keeps the old behavior intact.

Super specialized actions, experimental actions, or actions that require third party plugins are not good candidates. They are best hosted on the forums or wiki for now, until we come up with a better system...



 Here is a list of what I think could go in:

I think also, vector 2 and quaternion actions could go in as well.




 Smooth Look at direction  this one should be updated as well:

the problem is that the min magnitude as it is implement does not work. the updated version properly checks for the angle between the desired rotation and the current which in turn allow for cusotm event fire and finish() call.



Here are a few more that would be nice to have in the official set.

Seconds to string:

Set Drag:

Check for internet:

Move Object (cheaper than tween)

Get Bool Invert

I would sooooo much love a modification of Send Message action to pass more than 1 variables to javascript of C# scripts!!! ::)


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