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Alex Chouls:
Unity does not remove unused scripts when making a build. This means unused actions will be in the build. We're working on our own tool to automatically remove unused actions, but in the meantime, here are some tips:

* If you don't use Unity Networking you can safely delete the PlayMaker/Actions/Networking folder.
* If you don't want your app to ask for GPS permissions, remove the location actions: GetLocationInfo, StartLocationServicesUpdate, StopLocationServicesUpdate.
* If you don't want your app to ask for vibration permissions, remove the Vibrate action.

Old thread, but I was googling for WAKE_LOCK issue and got to this page multiple time. I think I found a solution so I registered to these forums just to post this info :)

These two are related:
permission: Android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
try delete file: /PlayMaker/Actions/DevicePlayFullScreenMovie.Cs

(using Unity 5.0.4 and Playmaker 1.7.8)

edit: also sorry if it's against the rules to post to pinned threads or something. I'm such a newb  ;D


 that's great, thanks for sharing this, it's indeed important.



I made a note of the tips, however, I noticed that in 2013 you were working on a tool to remove unused scripts. Has this tool been developed? If that exists then I won't try to do this manually for my builds. Thanks.

Any progress on creating a tool to remove unused scripts?


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