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Alex Chouls:
We're often asked for PlayMaker demos for conferences etc. For example,  BlackBerry wants to show off PlayMaker at Unite and GDC China. I'd love to be able to offer them games from the community to play on the expo floor. I think it would be a great opportunity to show off your games! And also to network with game reps at BlackBerry etc.

Also I'd like to start collecting video of PlayMaker games running in the Unity editor, to show the FSMs updating while the game runs. It would be a good cross promotion, showing off both your game and PlayMaker in action!

If you're interested, please email me. Demo projects should be fairly tidy, since they will be demoed in Unity, and videos should be 1280x720.


Hi, Check out my video on playmaker working with my upcoming game "aaaaliens" here:

Game video:

You can sign up for a beta by joining my Google+ community here:

Hello, I want to introduce you my first creation with Unity.

I am not a programmer, and I have used PlayMaker.

Kombo King
A beat em up where you land vicious combos on enemies!


Google Play:

Go For Launch: Mercury

A full physics space flight simulator for PC (optional VR support).  Crowdfunder here for beta access!


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