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Problems building with Unity Free Version


Alex Chouls:
Playmaker ships with Photon Networking. Photon currently requires Unity Pro for iOS and Android. If you have the free version of Unity please delete the Photon Unity Networking folder.

Photon will soon be available to free users (based on their last newsletter)


After deleting the "Photon Unity Networking" folder, I still get the error "Error building Player: SystemException: System.Net.Sockets are supported only on Unity iOS Pro. Referenced from assembly 'Assembly-CSharp'." when I build my game for iOS. Please help me fix this.


 it's likely that you haven't cleaned up your project. Maybe you are using another framework from the asset store that use sockets.

 typically: create a fresh project, import PlayMaker, delete the "Photon Unity networking" folder and build, what happen then?




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