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Problems building with Unity Free Version

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Alex Chouls:
Playmaker ships with Photon Networking. Photon currently requires Unity Pro for iOS and Android. If you have the free version of Unity please delete the Photon Unity Networking folder.


I´m runnig Unity Pro but anyway a can´t publish to android.
A warning about Photon Unity Networking.

Sorry I can´t copy the full warning.


Alex Chouls:
Warnings shouldn't stop the build... Obsolete warnings generally let you know that a function might be removed from Unity down the line, but it should still work for now.

Are there any errors in the log?
Have you successfully built another project for android? E.g., is the sdk etc. setup properly?


  :-[  Yeah. I made Ia little scene without Playmaker FSM and get errors.

  Please see the file.

Alex Chouls:
Do you have Android Pro (as well as the base Unity Pro)?


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