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Slowly working my way through this plugin, I'm always a bit hazy when using C#. Has anyone used this plugin successfully and have any tips or pointers?

Specifically, as I've never touched the area of In App Purchasing before, I'm puzzled as to how it works at purchase point:
 I upload my signed BB app. I wish to add a Non-Consumable Digital Goods item.
So I add this as a Digital Goods SKU (called i.e UnlockAll). This is purchased...then I'm unsure.

I have a simple variable in my Unity app that is set to unlock all levels, how do I set this from the separate, purchased UnlockAll and thus unlock the entire app?

Hi, you might get a little help in the unity blackberry forum.  I can say that you need to initiate a listener, only a simple line of code. Then create a function of the same name something like purchaseSuccessful.  This is where you change your logic to unlock the game.  Refer to their listener test code in the demo scene.


 BB got back to me, so it looks like I am going to be productive soon!



Good news Jean! Hope you get it soon.

@refinedgames, I bought the Unity BB iap plugin from Reign and i'm working my way through that. It's a great bit of code with a few extras like image load/save on devices and Ads integration and more.
My c# is not great, need to get some callbacks working for the IAP in particular.

That's good to hear.  I may try Reign's plugin for Ads.
Yes, unless you or someone makes Playmaker Actions for BB IAP you will need to code.  I can help a little here and there.  I used the Blackberry's plugin and have my game for sale on BB World.


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