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Render Queue setting in Materials


I have some posts out on this in the Unity Forum but no answers yet..

I have a situation where i have transparent materials over top each other so i have to adjust the Render Queue settings to force them to render in the proper order.. seems to work ok.

But to make it work i have to make a new shader and bake the Render Queue Tag setting in it. I would love to be able to set the setting in the Material instead in the Inspector...

I also found a command to set the Material.RenderQueue in script... so that will allow me to kind of override it on a material basis.. which is ok but it seems silly to have to adjust it that way.

Was wondering if anyone knew how i could expose the Tags {"Queue"="Transparent-1"} in the material section in the Inspector... I think that would just make it way easier.

In the mean time i will make an Action i think to set the Material.RenderQueue i guess and i can drop that on what ever objects i need to adjust.. see how it works.


Well i wrote a little Action to set the RenderQueue value on a Material.. works good. This may be a pretty good solution for this.

I assume that it sets it for the whole material and any objects that use it but i have not tested that yet.



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