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Can't Save Templates [SOLVED]

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everytime I try to save a template, playmaker (and also Unity) crashes. I don't know if this is a Unity or a Playmaker problem. So it's not possible for me to save any templates :/

I'm working on a Mac (Powerbook, 10.8.5 witch a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

It doesn't matter which scene/project I use. It always happens… :(

Anybody else got this problem?

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Alex Chouls:
I haven't been able to reproduce this here. At what point in the process does it crash? Are you saving the template somewhere in the project's Assets folder?

Sometimes virus checkers can cause strange problems with Unity. Try disabling virus protection.

I've also seen projects saved in dropbox folders behave strangely sometimes. Not sure if that applies in your case...

Then there's the usual crash suspects: low memory, low disk space, bad hardware... Are you experiencing crashes anywhere else?

Hi Alex Chouls, thank you for your quick answer.

The crash happens If the save locations window appears when I try to save a template. The loading button appears and than it crashes. I tried this too on a windows machine but everything there works fine.
I guess this is a unity on mac problem, because it's not very stable. My machine hardware should be fine (quadcore with 16GB Ram) but I will try an update to OS X Mavericks.

I guess this is not a specific playmaker problem. Unity also crashes sometimes if want to do "save scene as" :/ 4.3 is not so stable as 4.2 on my machine


 I am on mac and it's all ok as far as savings, but if Unity is crashing here and there, it's likely a deeper problem you should investigate with Unity with a bug report.



I found this thread:

and it helped me alot. I didn't even knew i have installed this plugin :/

anyway. After deinstalling

/Library/Contextual Menu Items/SCFinderPlugin.plugin

and running "launchctl remove org.tigris.scplugin.launch" from the terminal everything works fine. I can save playmaker templates, export prefabs, and use the "save as" button without any crash.
Jahuuu :))


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