Author Topic: Any way to improve play test performance with playMaker window up?  (Read 20 times)


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Hello and thank you for your time!

When I run a play test with the playMaker window open I'm getting laggy performance in my game. I've got maybe 15 FSMs running in my scene. Most are triggers that are in a 'wait for Enter event' state, but are otherwise not doing anything.

When I close the playMaker window I get a smooth frame rate. Is there anything I can do to keep the playMaker window open, and get smooth frame rate during play tests? Can I turn off debugging, or any other options to improve performance?

Unity version: 2017.3.1.P4
playMaker version: 1.8.4

Thanks for the help! :)


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The only way I can think of it happening is if you have an FSM open with a ton of states which just naturally slows down the editor. I usually try to break big FSMs into smaller ones for this reason and because its usually better for organization imo. If they're a bunch of small FSMs I dont see why it's happening.

Although maybe you're using OnTriggerStay? That could slow things down since it's pretty expensive.
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