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Inactive actions are executed

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We're porting our game to WP8 and discovered one issue with PlayMaker - we had some disabled actions on some states and it looks like on wp8 they are being executed despite that fact. It works ok for iOS and Android.

Removing those actions fixes the issue.

Are you aware of this, is there any workarond/solution (other than digging through every state in the game and removing by hand disabled actions)?

Alex Chouls:
I'll investigate this here and let you know what I find...

Just wondering if this issue has been resolved yet?

I know I could run a test to check this but I wont have access to my WP8 device for another week or so. (Girlfriend borrowed it!)

If not, i'll start looking for and removing those actions now! :)


Hi, just tested this using the latest version from the assets store (Unity 4, PM and disabled actions are still running :(

Dont get me wrong, you guys have a brilliant product here and superb support but should this not be a priority issue?

For good practice I tend to remove any unnecessary actions as I go along anyway but for the sake of quality control before a release I am going to have to manually go through every FSM in my entire game to check (and there is a LOT of them), unless there is some kind of clever scripted way I could do this?




 Can you reference what action is exposing this issue? I tested few and they are all fine. when inactive in state they don't perform at all.

 Maybe some actions are having this problem indeed, so it's important to precise which one.



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