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Playmaker 1.2.1 Install Problem


Hey, I just upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2
Downloaded and imported the package. At the end of importing I get an error:

Assets/Scripts/GUISkinApply.js(4,46) BCW0012: WARNING: 'UnityEditor.EditorUtlilty.GetAssetPath(UnityEngine.Object)' is obsolete. Use Asset.GetAssetPath

Playmaker isn't loaded after doing the import. If I click on the playmaker samples scene, it imports the package again, repeating the above process.


If I create a new project it installs fine, but my main project doesn't load the playmaker menu item. Will I have to rebuild/move my assets into a clean project? bah

Use "Export Package" on your project's assets, and import all that content into fresh project with new PM. It will probably solve this.

Alex Chouls:
Did you upgrade Unity at the same time?

That error looks like it's in a script: GUISkinApply.js which is not a Playmaker script. The unity update made some commands obsolete. But I'm not sure why this error would effect Playmaker....

Try replacing the obsolete command with the recommended command in the offending script.


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