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Hello fellow PLAYMAKER Developers and Thank You so much for taking the time to check out my NEW Game


In the year 2480 a planet named “Earth 39” was attacked by an unknown invader.These strange space dwelling aliens seem to be without reason or compassion. They did not display the ability to communicate and thus are considered nothing more than over-sized single cell organisms with one agenda, to eat!

They feed on a planets ozone layer until nothing is left, leaving it defenseless to cosmic radiation and ultra violet rays. The results are floods, hurricanes and ultimately the destruction of all life on the planet!

The government immediately took action and assembled the largest fleet of Space fighters ever created. Worlds that were once at WAR had now put their differences aside for the sake of eliminating this new and dangerous threat.

Shield generators had been placed around all planets with a level 4 ozone layer, but even those eventually gave-out. No matter how many were destroyed more kept coming. As an act of desperation, The United Federation of Planets decided to send a small team of the most elite fighters to try and find the aliens home world. Squad D would do the impossible, track down the aliens origins and destroy them at the source.

No one knew where they came from, but a small group of scientists from Terra Outpost 17 believe they came from a part of the universe Labeled "Galaxy-X"


        - Swipe UP to Fly Up
        - Swipe Down to Fly Down
        - Swipe Left to Fly Left
        - Swipe Right to Fly Right

        - TAP anywhere on the LEFT side of the SCREEN to FIRE!!


        - In the PLANET MENU Swipe Left/Right to move the Planets
        - In the SHIP MENU Swipe Left/Right to change ships

Ship Upgrades:

- 5 Different classes of SHIPS to collect and over a dozen different SKINS to collect for all of them (FREE)
- Upgrading your Ship will - Upgrade the Model - so Even if you choose a different color skin the Upgrades will still Apply to that Model
- To Upgrade your Ships Click on the Ship ICON in the MAIN PLANET MENU and than TAP on one of the 3 choices;
- Upgrading the "Hall Integrity" IS the MOST useful upgrade you can apply, as it will allow your ship to take more HITS!
- Upgrading the Weapons will increase the range of your shots, allowing them to reach further around the GLOBE.
- Upgrading the SHIPS Engines will increase your ships SPEED, flying faster will allow you to avoid dangerous obstacles!


- Galaxy-X is different than other SPACE SHOOTERS because of it's unique "REVOLVING GAME PLAY"
- HIGH DEFINITION graphics and Unique Gameplay make Galaxy-X a fun and cosmic experience
- Explore 7 Different Galaxies each one with unique enemies and a unique LOOK!
- Over 60 Rounds of Exciting HD gameplay with tons of Collectables!
- Completely FREE TO PLAY
- Campaign Mode - Clear All 7 galaxies and Earn Rewards along the way!
- 5 Different Ships to Collect with OVER a DOZEN different Skins to Collect for them!
- 7 Different Achievements to Unlock!
- Survival Mode with ONLINE LEADER BOARDS, Test your Skills against the world (You must complete Campaign mode in order to unlock Survival Mode)

And my Youtube Channel! :)

Thank You everyone, if you play my game and enjoy it please consider leaving a review. I am also open to any critique so feel free to leave a comment!!

Thanx again for stopping by my showcase... :D

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