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Alex Chouls:
When sharing Playmaker projects please be careful not to include Playmaker dlls.

Exporting a Unitypackage:

In the unitypackage dialog, please uncheck:

Also uncheck the Assets/PlayMaker/Versions folder if it's there.

On the other end, users will need to import PlayMaker before importing the exported project.

Preview Version:

Playmaker ships with a Preview version that lets you view and run FSMs but not edit them. This is useful if you want to share a working project with someone who doesn't own Playmaker.

To install the preview version import:

Then DELETE the Assets/PlayMaker/Versions folder before sharing the project. This is necessary since the Versions folder contains default versions of the dlls.

Bug Reports

Projects submitted to Fogbugz or uploaded with a private download link can include Playmaker dlls.
Projects shared on the forum or with public download links should NOT include Playmaker dlls!

We hope to include tools to streamline this process soon...

Thanks so much for this, exactly the explanation I needed. I knew it was possible, I just didn't want to accidentally export the full version of playMaker attempting to figure it out myself.

Hello, I was going to start a thread to ask this question but I decided to reply here in case anyone else has the same question.

If I want to share my playmaker controller with other people (who don't have playmaker), I need to include ONLY my stuff or should I also include the playmaker folder (in "assets") BUT exclude the playmaker dlls and the versions (as explained on the original thread), but I should also include the preview version so those who don't have playmaker can still use the FSM?

I just want to make sure I export what I'm supposed to export, but don't include what I'm not supposed to include.


 On Unity 4.x you do the following:

1 From the versions folder you install the PlayMaker Preview.
2 Verify that you can't edit the fsms anymore
3 REMOVE the Versions folder
4 Share project.

On Unity 5.x haven't done it myself, let me test and I'll got back to you

 Typically, if you want to share an ongoing development, you should create a github or bitbucket private repository, and ignore the PlayMaker folder altogether, then you can switch the PlayMaker to preview and package this so that the person can simply install that preview once, then you can keep working as usual on both side without worrying about the preview setup everytime you have something new to share



Hi, another question. What if I wanted to distribute my project in the Asset Store? I can't find a link to the Preview version anywhere, so I don't know if I should distribute the Preview version with my project and make it clear they can only modify my project if they have the full version of PM, or flat out making it available just to PM owners?


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