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Compiler error on Build

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I'm still relatively newly using Unity and Playmaker and I've hit a proverbial brick wall: i keep getting the same errors whenever i try to build my project:
 Assets/Playmaker/Actions/MovieTextureAudioSettings.cs(33,59): error cs0246: The Type or namespace 'MovieTexture' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly Reference?
Assets/Playmaker/Actions/MovieTextureAudioSetting.cs(40,60): error cs1061: Type 'object's does not contain a definition for 'audioclip' and extension method
Assets/Playmaker/Actions/MovieTextureAudioSettings.cs(14,36): error cs0246: The Type or namespace 'MovieTexture' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly Reference?
 Assets/Playmaker/Actions/MovieTextureAudioSettings.cs(14,18): error cs1502: The best overloaded method match for HutongGames.Playmakers.ObjectTypeAttribute(System.Type)' has some invalid Arguments
 Assets/Playmaker/Actions/MovieTextureAudioSettings.cs(14,18): error cs1503: Argument '#1' cannot convert 'object' expression to type 'System.Type'

It's always the same errors and obviously I'm clueless about coding or i wouldn't be using Playmaker. The only thing i can figure out is that it's something with my audio. How do i fix these errors?


 what is your setup ( version of Unity, version of PlayMaker and platform target?)

 I would simply delete them offending actions file from your project if you don't use them, they likely conflict because they are not supported by your target platform.

let us know tho, cause we should make them actions safe even if they are not suppose to work on that target platform.



Alex Chouls:
Playstation Mobile doesn't support those unity features.
If you open up the offending scripts you'll see a list of platform not supported at the top:


Wherever you see this list you could add UNITY_PSM:


If Playstation Mobile doesn't support Unity Networking you will need to use a version of the PlayMaker dll that strips networking.

In Unity 4.x you do this by importing: PlayMaker\Versions\PlayMakerNACL.unitypackage.

Unity5 has a new plugin manager. You should duplicate Plugins\PlayMaker\WebGL, rename it Plugins\PlayMaker\PSM, then select the dll inside and configure it in the inspector to be used for Playstation Mobile.

I'll write up a walkthrough later (about to head to the GDC Playmaker booth for the day), but this should get you pointed in the right direction.

If you don't want to hand edit all the action files, please PM me for access to the 1.8.0 beta. The beta includes all the action changes for PSM.

Have you tried the Playmaker Playstation patch?

Alex Chouls:
Wow, I totally forgot I made that! Thanks 4ppleseed!! :)


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