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Unity 5 + Playmaker build errors

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Hi Guys,

I'm having troubles with building to Windows Phone 8.1

I started a clean project, imported Playmaker Afterwards I imported Windows Phone 8 addon but it wont build.. I guess I'm doing something terribly wrong because it throws +999 errors :-)

See errors in attachment.

I'm having the same kind of troubles when building to Windows Store as well.

Am I missing something here with the correct flow of doing this all?

Thank you!

edit: I also removed network related folders.

Alex Chouls: for Unity 5 already has the Windows Phone 8 plugin here:

You should NOT import the addon into in Unity 5.

Sorry for the confusion! I'll add a note to the add-on description. With the next update the add-on will go away since it will be integrated in the main product in all versions...

Thank you for the explanation.

However, with a clean install, and building to Windows Store, i'm getting the same errors. Am I doing something wrong here? Do I have to replace the playmaker.dll file to another location or something?

Thank you.

(I'm just started with playmaker so yes I've got all of these newbie questions  8) )


 Maybe you need to fiddle with the Unity publish settings? Like using .NET 2.0 as opposed to a .NET 2.0 subset for example.



Thank you Jean, but unfortunatly, changing to .NET Framework 2.0 is still ginving the same errors.

I tried to build for android, and everything went perfectly.

Can you try to reproduce my problem? I'm using the latest Unity Pro 5 with the latest Playmaker...

My intention of using playmaker was to create projects for W8 and WP8 ... :-\


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