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Title: Pre-fab
Post by: ByronNilsson on January 13, 2012, 06:54:16 AM

Should the pre-fab link not be broken when i adjust playmaker actions on the object that i have in the hierarchy? I lost a lot of code, i think due to this. I had coded on an object in my scene, next day, loaded code gone. Had unity brought in the prefab from my project list, that had not been updated? Byron.
Title: Re: Pre-fab
Post by: Alex Chouls on January 13, 2012, 01:38:51 PM
It should disconnect from the prefab when edited. You can see the current prefab state of an object next to the Lock button in the selection toolbar.

If it doesn't, then that's a bug! Do you have repro steps?
Title: Re: Pre-fab
Post by: ByronNilsson on January 17, 2012, 07:08:36 AM
Hi Alex,

If i add a new PM state within playmaker then it still remains a prefab-link.
If i add a new unity component to the main object, unity brings the 'breaking-link' box up.

I have not got a problem with this, i just need to know the rules that apply to PM.

Another 'scary Bug', if i add an FSM to my object, then edit-undo, all fsm's on that object have gone !!!!
They are still there in the inspector, just not in the PlayMaker window, you have to add an fsm back in, to get the originals to show, then delete the added one from inside PM.

I suppose never try to use Undo in unity when using third party packages?

Maybe a PM 'backup button / save all templates' of some kind for the current object working on, i don't really know, it just seems really easy to lose work.