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Title: unity 5.1 network
Post by: kyy921 on June 13, 2015, 04:57:02 AM
unity 5.1 has update its network system.
will playmaker support it?
Title: Re: unity 5.1 network
Post by: ermak on June 13, 2015, 06:38:56 AM
I want to know answer of this question too.
Also, Photon is still better than Unity 5.1 networking or not?
Unity offer 100 CCU free, but the new online system support WebGL or not?
Title: Re: unity 5.1 network
Post by: jeanfabre on June 13, 2015, 06:51:57 AM

 I am not sure the plan for networking support within PlayMaker official releases, but  it may be the same as for other modules like UI mecanim, pathfinding, and becomes a semi official support on the wiki.

 If no one tackles it before I start on this, I will likely provide full support, but I would for now, rely on Photon indeed ( I have started a project doing a online chess game, and I am using photon, not Unity), as it is totally battle tested and full featured. uNet is promising and hopefully, will provide a solution that can live up to expectations, but that's a huge task indeed, so I don't see this ready for production until several released ( 5.3, 5.4 I would suspect).

You may find as well that Unity will provide some network components that only requires setup with the Unity inspector, but we'll see how far that can go.


Title: Re: unity 5.1 network
Post by: zorranco on November 04, 2015, 10:37:31 AM
PM support for Unet would be nice, because if you want to develop a game with LAN play, you can't use photon.

It is true that a lot can be done only configuring network manager, but you can't take control of players locally, because for example what was 'IsMine', now is 'IsLocalPlayer'.

I don't want to give jeanfabre more work than he has, though  ::)

Title: Re: unity 5.1 network
Post by: jeanfabre on November 04, 2015, 11:28:53 AM

 the "plan" is as follow :

- finish many of tools I started ( ecosystem major update, PlayMaker Introspection utility)
- look for 1.8 release and finally release all the tools, bits and bobs waiting ( Major 2d platform game 100% PlayMaker, tools, etc etc)

this would likely have us around xmas, then

-- Major updates of all Unity modules support for PlayMaker
- Network
- 2d
- physics

This is if there is nochange of priority coming from PlayMaker or assets, but I think this is pretty much what would happen ideally.


Title: Re: unity 5.1 network
Post by: pjenness on February 28, 2016, 12:21:57 PM

Just curious.
Starting Play maker and looking into Photon, but stumbled on this thread.

Is the plan still as above to integrate native Unity Networking?
Or for now is it recommended to still sue photon to get off the ground.



Title: Re: unity 5.1 network
Post by: jeanfabre on March 02, 2016, 12:53:22 AM

 For now, I strongly advise using PUN, I am working on Unity Networking integration,  but this is going to be a long process, and will come in incremental steps, wereas PUN is fully supported and a well know, battle tested solution.

If you have deadlines, pun is the go to solution, but if you are ok with waiting a bit, of course Unity networking is something I would also consider. Even more if you have some basic c# skills to create custom actions.