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Title: Unity Roadmap -visual scripting
Post by: wheretheidivides on June 29, 2015, 11:47:10 AM
So in the unity roadmap at
which was just released I noticed that visual scripting was in the pipeline.  So I was wondering from someone at hutong games, are you all open to selling playmaker to unity?  I'm sure they will either make their own or buy a popular one, so why not playmaker?  they could hire you all to run the division and keep on doing what you are doing.
Title: Re: Unity Roadmap -visual scripting
Post by: rik on July 03, 2015, 11:32:40 AM
i dont think it was an solution for visual programmers since unity may not live up to the mark since all the samples made by unity are basic so i expect a basic free one from unity.
playmaker rule in performance and have lot of features however jean was the only one here making add on scripts for the user so it was my only problem.
hope we have atleast 4-5 dedicated programmers for making awesome plugin much more easy and we dont have to wait for months to see the trello task to complete.
Title: Re: Unity Roadmap -visual scripting
Post by: jeanfabre on July 07, 2015, 06:42:57 AM

 I am definitly not the only one contributing here. I may have gone a bit crazy here and there I agree :)

You also need to be aware that HutongGames is contracting me to provide support and content to you guys, this is important to realize this to help you understand HutongGames is heavily injecting money back into support.

Two things to improve the situation:

- Small contribution: a simple humble custom action goes a long way, and I guarantee you'll get your time investment back one way or the other. Embrace sharing your knowledge, this is your best portfolio to approach clients, when they can see how you contribute to help others achieve their dream. It's a personal achievment, but also a great skill that clients always seek.

- When you work on a project involving PlayMaker, always try to make an agreement with the client that custom actions goes back to the Community for free, this is important, and 100% of my projects goes with this agreement. Everyone has interests in this, even the client, because things gets done quicker if the custom actions database grows.

As for the trello board. I think it's a great medium to understand the huge workload, indeed it takes time. As members of this community, your role is to contact the asset publishers themselves and motivate them to support PlayMaker. We have lots of publishers getting back to us to help them support PlayMaker, so this dynamic is very important. PlayMaker and its community can not on its own satisfy everything. It was possible few years ago, but now it reached a point where it's not possible anymore. It's a great problem to have in a way, but still without any real practical solution as far as I can see. Ideas welcome on that front!


Title: Re: Unity Roadmap -visual scripting
Post by: foxdeltagames on July 08, 2015, 07:20:38 PM

I think you guys made a great product with Playmaker. Its my main tool to program my projects, and will always be. Keep up the the good work, and for the 100th time where can i donate. I love Playmaker so much i want to donate to keep showing my support.
Title: Re: Unity Roadmap -visual scripting
Post by: jeanfabre on July 09, 2015, 06:16:54 AM

 I would contact the members that you want to donate too. Most of them will have a paypal account.

I whished Unity would see the potential of buying coupon to offer to others, then the donation system would work very well and keep the investment related to Unity... maybe you should ask the asset store admin for this. I have many times ( as well as subscription based assets, so that a steady income from a given user can justify long term support).