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Title: 2d Animation Layers
Post by: HeathClose on April 24, 2017, 11:21:26 AM
So this game I'm working on right now is a runner for kids... it has a super power "shooting" element to it... so I need a way to be able to have this shooting animation above the belt at either idle, walking, or running below the belt.

My research leads me to avatar masks... which is a 3d thing... i guess the 2d equivalent is animator layers?

Does anyone have any tutorials / suggestions / experience with 2d animation layers that maybe could point me in the right direction so I'm not spending a week trying to figure out how to do it properly?

I've seen a few videos, but I figured I would ask here if there are any really good ones that can walk me through it...

Right now I'm getting png sequences for animations from the artist, but they are using spriter to animate, and I can get access to those spriter files...

Is there an asset out there that makes life easier when it comes to this?

Does anyone have any experience with animation layering using Spriter?
Title: Re: 2d Animation Layers
Post by: krmko on October 21, 2017, 05:37:56 AM
I'm encountering the same challenge now, i've got a spaceship that has the rear part animated (engine jet shining), and the front part (muzzle flash shining a light on the front part). As far as i have seen in the manual, layer masks should be used, i'll let you know how it's done as soon as i figure it out :)