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Title: action browser blank
Post by: ufaforwork3 on September 10, 2017, 11:42:21 AM
Hi, I am using Unity 4.6.0, Playmaker 1.8.3.f4. I am new Unity and Playmaker.  When I tried to add the Action 'Set Animator Bool', the action browser becomes blank. I get an error Invalid cast exception. When I return from Game mode, the action browser returns to normal but whenever I try clicking Set Animator Bool, the same problem occurs and I can't use that particular action. Please help!

Title: Re: action browser blank
Post by: drown on September 10, 2017, 12:06:57 PM
First of all a few questions:

Have you tried updating playmaker/unity ? the versions you use are pretty outdated, playmaker is at release 1.8.5 , Unity is currently in its 2017 version. Are you working on a project that requires those exact versions ? If not try updating your whole setup, it will fix alot of problems for you.

I have seen several different threads about the same exact issue, are you by any chance following a tutorial ?

If yes and it is outdated, update your Playmaker via Assetstore, install one of the later Unity builds (5.6.3 - 2017.1.1) since they are performing better, add alot of amazing new features and it is generally wise to work with the newer versions unless you need to use those old versions. It is generally not a good idea to follow outdated tutorials as this might get you in trouble later as you cant use the benefits of all the cool additions.

One last thing though - why do you ahve all those weird links in your post ? I clicked on them and they all lead to a very sketchy gambling site - why on earth is this on here ? It really does not belong here.
Title: Re: action browser blank
Post by: jeanfabre on September 11, 2017, 03:25:29 AM

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