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Title: NGUI On Drop Question [SOLVED]
Post by: tomraegan on December 04, 2017, 03:17:33 AM
Hi. I've been reading the forums and the admin do a great job here.

In relation to NGUI, I've installed the Eco package and come across something strange. I'm following these instructions, posted by Jean a while ago:

1: open the ngui example11 scene
2: select the gameObject 3D/Stage/DragDropSurface
3: add the component "NGuiEventsToPlaymakerFsmEvents" to it
4: add a Fsm component to DragDropSurface as well
5: in the fsm, add a state with a global transition "NGUI / ON DROP" ( all ngui events are available in the transition menu under "global events"
6: double check that in the NGuiEventsToPlaymakerFsmEvents, the Drop entry turned green, this means, we have detected that you are actually implement the "NGUI / ON DROP" event.
7: run the scene, drop something onto the cube, and the fsm will receive the drop event.

Now, if you ae building a scene from scratch, it could simply be that you don't set up ngui properly to being with.
-- also, you may think that the gameobject you have adde the component NGuiEventsToPlaymakerFsmEvents received drop events, but actually doesn't, that's something you will need to verify outside playmaker

environment, like dropping a simply script that listen to drop events ( very much like "DragDropSurface" script provided in the example 11 scene.

My problem is that the NGUI On Drop transition does not show up when I attempt to add it to the state. I can add various others, such as On Click, which then results in the Click entry turning green.

Is there a reason On Drop is not appearing?

Thanks kindly.
Title: Re: NGUI On Drop Question
Post by: tomraegan on December 05, 2017, 01:42:32 AM
My error. Upon reinstalling the lot, it all shows up.

Have a nice day  8)
Title: Re: NGUI On Drop Question
Post by: djaydino on December 07, 2017, 10:54:09 AM
No problem :)