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Title: CHOP - A bloody, visceral arena fighting game
Post by: Claws Up Games on March 17, 2018, 04:32:52 AM
Hi everyone,

I would like to present you a game i've been working on for 2,5 years, called CHOP.

With this project we meant to offer a pure local multiplayer experience, halfway between party games and competitive fighting games.

With a one-hit kill mechanic and instant respawn, CHOP is accessible in its gameplay while offering a really strategic dimension.

Think of Towerfall on steroids. Mix it with DOOM and Mortal Kombat, then add more steroids to it.


Here's the Kickstarter trailer :

You can play a demo of the game following one of those links : ( ( (


We're about to launch a Kickstarter campaign on March 20th. I would like to invite you to support us on thunderclap, to help us to spread the word. It's free and just a couple clicks away.

Thank you very much,