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Title: [Oculus] Questions about the playmaker oculus demo
Post by: abend on October 10, 2018, 11:09:55 PM
Ok, very new to this, I have some specific questions about the demo, I figure understanding how everything works here would be a great model to learn from. The demo I'm referring to has boxing gloves, light guns, a ball, and a little robot.

I have 2 specific questions.
1. I am trying to find out where the bullets come from. I am looking at the switchcontroller FSM, and I can see that on the Activate Gun state, there is an Enable FSM action that has a name of bulletEmission. I cannot find any other reference to bulletEmission literally anywhere. I've clicked around for a good long time, and I feel like I'm missing something small. I also want to add a little shooting sound, I feel like I can figure that part out once I understand the bullets.

2. I have managed to change the color of the light guns ,and keep them changed. That was a nice 'ah ha' moment. If you run the demo you will see that the guns orientation is way off for the touch controllers. I would like to re-orient them, but I can't figure out where - how - when they get changed to the controllers. I do understand that the activate gun action disables the gun on the counter, but I can't figure out the other half of it.

I just want to say thanks, I'm already really taken with the whole state machine, I can't wait to get to work making some fun stuff!


I have found the lightPistol objects! I see now that we aren't moving the guns to the controllers, rather we are making the ones that I'm holding appear. From here I think I can manage to add some sounds for the shots. I was also able to re-orient the guns themselves so they fit in my hands better. So far this is really enjoyable. I don't think I could make complicated FSMs yet, but my confidence grows!
Title: Re: [Oculus] Questions about the playmaker oculus demo
Post by: mrphilipjoel on November 26, 2019, 07:20:36 AM
I know I'm replying over a year later, but I just purchased the Oculus PlayMaker pack, and I can't even get the Go Demo scene to run at all. I'm super noob at Unity and development, and even though I've been learning a lot lately, I'm hoping PlayMaker will help me take some shortcuts, and finally get my ideas created.

Hopefully support will get back to me today to figure out what is going on with the sample scene.
Title: Re: [Oculus] Questions about the playmaker oculus demo
Post by: jeanfabre on November 27, 2019, 06:12:45 AM

 unfortunatly, I don't own an oculus, so I can't help...

Did you contact the author of this pack?