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Title: Play certain animation[SOLVED]
Post by: qholmes on August 03, 2012, 01:14:59 PM
Ok i just cant seem to get this to work..

Using Playmaker actions... how do i play a certain animation.. i am not blending animations it is a mechanical project... So some objects have say 3 different animations  on them for different scenarios.. so i might click on the object itself and it plays a simple animation #1 but if i click on a button it might play a different one..

I did not know i had a problem but have been adding animations to objects.. I normally just set the time on them and the speed. I thought it was switching between them but it is not. I run an animation in one state and then when i exit i set the time and speed in another state to another animation.... but it just sets the time for the current animation instead of the new one... maybe it is blending it or something.. not sure.

I know that is a confusing paragraph to read but it is basically what is going on.. How can i play one animation file then switch to a totally different one? set layers or weights? i have tried. i think.. unless i am going about it the wrong way?

Title: Re: Play certain animation
Post by: qholmes on August 03, 2012, 01:36:51 PM
Ok forget it.. my system works just fine.. it had to do with Mesh Render Enable keys.... it was going from an animation where parts were turned off using Mesh Render Enable set to 0 then the next animation did not turn them off at all so there were no keys there to turn it back on again i guess.. And a single key of 1 at 0 did not work i had to have two keys 0 and 1 set to make it work.