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Title: Outlines' display and color around states: selected vs active
Post by: Broken Stylus on October 13, 2021, 05:30:28 AM
A minor grip about the outline drawn around a state in the graph view.
Active: green
Selected: blue
When selecting an active state, the blue outline is masked by the green one that has priority. In other words, a useful information is masked.

Solution (?): draw a secondary green outline around the blue one for an active and selected state (that is, in the case of a state being both, offset the green outline by one unit of outline thickness); or use a single yet dashed outline that alternates between blue and green. / b / g / b / g / b /

On the colors themselves:
Whereas the green outline is very vivid and easy to spot, the blue one is rather dark. Making the blue one more flashy would be nice.
Users with color-reading issues might want to be able to change these colors too.