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Title: Playmaker and Easy Save2
Post by: tankun on May 24, 2013, 11:19:52 AM
Easy Save 2 is an amazing tool and it supports Playmaker but it somehow lacks the necessary Playmaker actions for saving arrays and/or hash tables. I posted in their forum inquiring about this matter but the author of the plugin told me that, since Array Maker is an add-on and isn't shipped with Playmaker natively, they are not supporting it.

I couldn't get the free Unity Serializer plugin to work properly so I decided to invest in the easy save 2, for it's simplicity and let's face it works great out of the box.

I'm making an adventure game with inventory system and I'm totally stuck now since I cannot save the game. I'd like to use hash tables both for game state variables and for inventory but I don't know how to save them now.

Here's their own script for saving and loading hash tables:

Code: [Select]

// Create a Hashtable of string/int pairs and save it.
Hashtable myHashtable = new Hashtable();
myHashtable["A"] = 1;
myHashtable["B"] = 2;
ES2.Save(myHashtable, "myFile.txt?tag=myHashtable");

// Load the Hashtable and re-assign it to our variable.
myHashtable = ES2.LoadHashtable<string, int>("myFile.txt?tag=myHashtable");

It seems simple enough to create a Playmaker action from this but I'm not that good at scripting myself.

Jean, maybe you can collaborate with Moodkie to create actions for saving arrays. I know what I'm asking may even be inappropriate but I'm stuck. Don't know what else to do really.

Thanks a lot


Title: Re: Playmaker and Easy Save2
Post by: jeanfabre on May 28, 2013, 11:11:45 AM

Yes, i'll look into this.


Title: Re: Playmaker and Easy Save2
Post by: junglist on June 06, 2013, 01:06:23 PM  !!!!!

thank you Jean, thank you Joel

Assets/PlayMaker ArrayMaker/Addons/EasySave2/Actions/ArrayListEasyDownload.cs(143,76): error CS0117: `PlayMakerUtils' does not contain a definition for `ParseValueFromString'

i was using .91 version, i got june update. the easy arraylist actions loaded this time...