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Title: & Ampersand on Android[SOLVED]
Post by: Slater on September 07, 2013, 10:31:26 AM

I've been searching like a maniac to find an answer on how to put an & in the app  name for Android. Our app is called Hanna & Henri and on iOS I have to write & for it to work, but on Android I haven't found any solution yet and at no other forums I have gotten any answers. & and many other signs gets replaced with _

I have looked on Google play and found several apps that have & in their name. I downloaded Order & Chaos Duels by Gameloft and they have O&C Duels as app name on the screen, so it seams possible.

I know this isn't exactly a Playmaker question, but I hope someone can help me out here. We are about to release our app for Android, but I need to get this sorted first.
Title: Re: & Ampersand on Android
Post by: Slater on September 08, 2013, 05:51:29 AM
A friend of mine suggested that I use & instead of &, and it worked. Not sure what & is from though :)