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Title: Animation project
Post by: wetcircuit on January 18, 2015, 12:58:33 PM
short test video (1min) of an animation I'm working on using Playmaker. It's 3D, not 2D, because I wanted to use an asset called Dynamic Bone to get the tails to wiggle....


Here's some of my FSM's:
The sperm move towards the egg.
Egg shakes position on collision (this solved a problem where the sperm could collide gently and start pushing the egg without reaction).
When the sperm collide (with the egg or each other) they turn to look at one of four random vector corners before moving towards the egg again. This gets the tail to wiggle for a few seconds. It's not "realistic" movement but after the first collision they look pretty good, I think....

I'm trying to figure out FSMs that will get each to (sloppily) look towards the egg, move "forward" while wiggle the tail in bursts, then repeat.... I haven't figured it out yet (so advice is appreciated).

Thank you for looking!
Title: Re: Animation project
Post by: marcos on January 18, 2015, 05:37:24 PM
Looks pretty cool!

Only thing I can think of is perhaps having less bounciness when they push against the egg, or having them not change direction as much when they collide with the egg. Doesn't make sense for them to do a U-turn when they're trying to fertilise that thing.
Title: Re: Animation project
Post by: wetcircuit on February 04, 2015, 08:33:41 AM
 :D Still just a beginner, but now I am controlling different mechanim states with the FSMs and the swim movement is much better, more intentional.... There's still a few who are dropping out of their Itween/FSM (the "drifters" that slide sideways) moving on to the next FSM while still performing the tween (or vice-versa, not sure which), but I'm kinda happy with this. Now I feel they are showing a little "character" rather than just moving around the screen.... This is my first Unity project that is 100% me, so it's simple but still feels like a milestone. YAY!

This animation is for a major theatrical company (video projection that opens Act 1) so there's no interactivity. This isn't the actual music - it was just handy on my itunes, and the screen capture worked out timing-wise... the final version will be under a minute, and it is intended to have some humor (not realistic).

For people frustrated with "How do I make my <thing> move..." problems, keep at it. ;) I was going nowhere in Unity for months, now I feel like I've taken my first step... Just keep trying all the actions until you understand what they do. And don't be too clever, do one thing at a time until it behaves exactly as you think it should.... And expect to rebuild it 100 times, which will help streamline it with each iteration.

Thanks for looking.

Title: Re: Animation project
Post by: wetcircuit on February 06, 2015, 04:21:01 PM
 ??? a shader issue was preventing me posting the actual "game". Solved now.... There's no interactivity (and it will make any bell sounds forever, LOL) but I've cleaned up the FSMs and separated the collision FSM from the movement FSM, and that has made everything run smoother. (