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I'll post this here since it's very similar to the original issue with having a ton of FSMs in the scene.
I did some more testing by having multiple PM tabs active, and after narrowing it down it turns out these tabs are causing a big impact on performance individually, which are the following:

-FSM Browser
-FSM Controls

Aside from these, adding FSMs happens instantly with no loading.


PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Re: PM tabs glitches on Maximize On Play
« on: March 24, 2021, 05:06:33 AM »
Seems solid! Even tried to change layout style on Runtime with all PM editor windows active, no errors. :)

Tested on the p5 build from 21st March, and adding new FSMs happens instantly now with no slow loading time! Fantastic :)

Downloaded on March 15th, I'll re-download and test tomorrow!

This is more of a performance issue than a bug, but I'll report it anyway.

For this test I've taken it to the extreme by duplicating a object containing 7 FSMs each about a 1000 times in the scene. Each FSM have about 10 actions in them.

When I add a new FSM to any object, doesn't matter which, it takes a very long time for it to go through the process. It's as if it iterates through all existing FSMs in the scene for some reason (and potentially FSMs in prefabs?).

It's concerning for projects that are getting bigger in the long run, not so much for smaller ones. With a bit of logic it can be avoided, but would be great if things could improve here.


In the end of the video I deleted all the prefab objects in the scene, which resulted in adding FSMs much faster.

unity 2020.1.14f1
PM Beta 1.9.1p5

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / PM tabs glitches on Maximize On Play
« on: March 19, 2021, 06:47:16 AM »
I get a bunch of errors mentioning Nullrefs, Invalid editor window, Missingref when having certain Playmaker tabs active in the editor upon Play with Maximize On Play toggled on.
These eventually results in flickering black areas which overlap all editor visuals, and only way to fix it is by restoring to a previous Unity editor Layout or reset the layout all together.

This does not seem to be the case for the Playmaker Editor tab itself, as I've never had errors for this one specifically.

I often have the tab "Actions" active in the editor, and quickly forget about it when I hit Play.

Video before the errors occur:

Playmaker tabs that are active in the window are the ones that are potentially causing this. If example the tab "Actions" and "Hierarchy" tab share the same window where the Hierarchy is active, the layout bug will not occur.

Video when the flickering black areas occur:

Before I started recording here, I restarted Unity. On Setup you can see a message in console saying "The editor layout could not be fully loaded"

Screenshots of errors:

unity 2020.1.14f1
PM 1.9.1p4

Was unable to reproduce it in the latest build, seems to be working as intended now!

Apply & Revert prefab instances seems to be more solid as well, it's doing what it's supposed to now. :)

Here's an update regarding variables getting swapped around.

By the looks of it, the prefabs with FSMs in the scene can't keep up with actions getting reordered and duplicated, where it overwrite variables based on the action order...

Whatever it might be, I can't quite put it into words. Here's a video reproducing the variable swap from start to finish.


Yeah, this one has been bugging me for quite some time. My current workaround is to use the Lock toggle, that way it seems to never unexpectedly go back to previous FSMs

I'm uncertain if this should be labeled as a feature request or a bug. It feels like it belongs here since in general it's very common to think the childs comes along when copy & pasting its parent.

In this case, only the header gets copied which gives unexpected behavior.


Unity 2020.1.14f1, Playmaker 1.9.1.p4

When CTRL + click & holding a state transition, then letting go, it'll result in the state node repositioning itself.


Unity 2020.1.14f1, Playmaker 1.9.1.p4

After clicking on an action or variable, then clicking else in the state window, it remains "selected".


Unity 2020.1.14f1, Playmaker 1.9.1.p4

I've updated to 1.9.1.p4, and sadly I've encountered these bugs again. Revert All seems to still not work & variables are getting swapped around without knowing exactly how.

It could be code from the past that hasn't fully transitioned to the newest version yet, so future Prefabs & Fsms may not have this problem. Either way, this is how things currently are atm for me. Restarting have no effect.

Variable swap: (Left is unknown undesired variable swap, right is default desired values)

Revert All:

I'll also throw this one in here, since it's kinda related to variables getting swapped around. Again, it's from the previous version, so it may not occur in the future.

On runtime, Run FSM contains wrong input values, it's all swapped around. However in Debug it seems to be correct, so the final results seems to be giving the desired result. Still, it's confusing to see all the input values swapped around.


Prefab variable swap partly reproduced. It seems like the row the action is placed at matters. In the video it starts with undesired variable swap, then after duplicating and keeping old actions, the desired variables persist. However when I delete the old actions, the swap reoccurs.


Update 2
Variables still not updating properly to default values. In this case, I don't even get option to revert or apply changes. This is from a freshly made FSM.

Sorry, I forgot to mention versions.

I'm using 1.9.0.p20, unity 2020.1.14f1.

I'll update and let you know if it still persists. :)

Variables get swapped around sometimes in prefabs for some reason.
Prefabs are not getting properly reverted when attempted. Nothing happens when you try use Revert All.

My workaround is to delete existing prefabs in the scene, and place new ones from project folder.
Another workaround is to Edit the parent prefab, delete the actions with wrong values, add new action and insert desired variable again. This updates the prefabs in the scene to correct values.

The Revert bug seems to occur when you Edit prefab FSM instance. After doing so there no way to revert back to default values.
I can't explain how the variables are getting switched around though, it happens when I'm not paying attention. Suddenly action values are containing incorrect variables, as seen in the video.

In the attachment you'll find 2 pictures showing which variable values are correct, and which are wrong.


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