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Playmaker Tips & Tricks / Re: Race position and waypoints
« on: September 18, 2012, 12:47:05 PM »
Hi Jeanfabre and Thanks for answering.

Nope,  I didn't play at all with this add on just because I didn't know of it's esistance at all. Playing with arrays is probably the answer to my problem and, infact, I felt the absence of a tool like this in playmaker. You have made my life quite a lot easier with this add on, thanks a lot for the link !

Playmaker Tips & Tricks / Race position and waypoints
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:07:25 AM »
Hi, I bought Playmaker a while ago and now I'm beginning to get used to it and appreciate its simplicity and elegance. The problem is that, whilst I'm getting used to it, I'm not absolutely even near to become a pro user so I recently slammed in a wall and have no clue how to break it.

I'm developing a race game and need to mantain trace of the player position (it's human player against IA) in real time. I have a set of waypoints that I use for navigation and I have thought to use them to check the distance of any car against the active one and sort them to determine tha player position.

My problem is that the approach I've tried seems not to work.

Actually my idea was to get a list of all the waypoints at level start for each car. While the first car approaches a waypoint it will have to set as active point the next one on its list and force all the other cars to check the distance against the new one. The method seems acceptable, in theory, but I really have no idea on how to convert it in a usable FSM.  Any advice please ?  Thanks in advance !

Edit :
I'm sorry but I realized now that I have posted in the wrong forum. This post was intended for the Help Forum. May a moderator move it to the correct section? Again my apologies..

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