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,... at what part you are confused ,... for what type of gameplay you may use two or more physical scenes ,... or princip how to build collision objects for simulation environment,... shoot or throw object etc,... say little more :)

Action Requests / Re: actions for the new physics update
« on: June 09, 2019, 07:51:08 AM »
hi,... and sorry for wait response ,....  here is one combined action for trajectory type mouse click fire ammo ,... ,.. i hope will help,... :)

Hi all, here is one action from new Unity local physic scene mode,... It take mouse click and show trajectory, on second click trajectory gone and some GameObject fire at position where was clicked,...
 What is new here - it's create paralel (added in hierarchy) local physic scene on load doing trajectory simulation on this scene - stop simulation after done - and result fire GO. On main/default scene you must duplicate collision objects ,..example floor and wall (2 boxes with collider) - duplicate and put in action section 'go in simulation' - where they will go in Local Scene,.... The force is Add.Force Impulse - i.e you may control with ammo Rigidbody mass (little mass and small scale more fast object move,... and opposite). You have multiplier "force" who control speed on ammo too,... Ray Length for little optimisation,... and trajectory count - is most expansive - create samples where ammo/cannonball should go 100 is good start for little less trajectory - 300/500 for more long complex one,... i'm 'green inside' in programing ,.. so no clean code may be done - if someone can provide optimisation pls do it :)

Action Requests / Re: actions for the new physics update
« on: May 30, 2019, 04:04:38 PM »
,... i'm not expert not programmer also,... but i'll try to explain/contribute,.. forgive me if ,... :)

1. Create Physic Scene by Name with turn off auto-simulation (from attachment),...  Create new scene (Local Physical Scene) - parallel on main/default scene,... created new scene is added additively at runtime i.e pop-up in Hierarchy i.e if you stop Play newly created Local Physical Scene disappear,...

2. Auto Simulation On Off (attachment) control when main/default Unity scene will receive physic,... Auto Simulation On is for Default Unity Scene Only,... newly created Local Physical Scene has other form of control - Physics Scene Simulation,...

3. Physics Scene Simulate On Off (attachment) - control when Local Physical Scene
receive physic,... it's bool variable who check every frame - tick on simulation begun,... tick off simulation stop.
,... again i'm not a programmer and this Actions may be not good or they are "green inside",... :)

,...example how to use ,...
1. Create Plane Scale 10x1x10 to use as floor name Floor Local Physical Scene 1
2. Duplicate Plane/floor with name Floor Local Physical Scene 2
3. Create Box to use as wall put him perpendicular on floor name Wall Local Physical Scene 1
4. Duplicate box/wall with name Wall Local Physical Scene 2
5. Create Sphere (add Rigidbody Component) with name Ball Local Physical
 Scene 1
6. Duplicate Sphere/ball name Ball Local Physical Scene 2

on Playmaker side,... Create new FSM on empty game object,...
1. create new state and put there Create Physic Scene (from attachment),... give name - Local Physical Scene 1 (will pop-up on runtime)
2. again in same state Create Physic Scene (from attachment),... give name - Local Physical Scene 2 (will pop-up on runtime)
 ,... (little explanation - We must put some objects for physical simulation in newly created two Local Physical Scenes,... we have 2 floors two walls and two balls, but they are in default/main Unity scene - again we must put them in Local Physical Scenes, if objects that we created are in hierarchy (root) we can move straight ahead with (Move Game Object To Scene Action) from default Playmaker actions ,... if objects who need to move to Local Physical Scenes are prefabs - we must use (Create Object) action again from default Playmaker,..
3. Again in same state create Move Game Object To Scene Action - 3 times,... move once floor ,... then box ,... and sphere,.. use scene reference by name and don't use any events from result (we need only to move objects  to physical local scene 1) ,...
4. again in same state Move Game Object To Scene Action - 3 times,... move flor,bos,sphere 2 to local scene 2,... put Finish transition and create new state,..
6.  in new state create two time Physic Scene Simulate (from attachment)
set them as local scene 1 and local scene 2 (if you wish set different time scale)
,...less then 1 physic simulation slow ,... more then 1 get speed,...
7. in same state add two default playmaker actions (Add Force) set them corresponding to Spheres/Balls 1 and 2 set x0,y15,z15 (or vector/force where is wall) set force to impulse.
 that is all about setup ,.. is little long :)
,... after play you will see one sphere/ball (actually two in one - put them to spawn separately) moving from add force impulse to wall,... potentially with different slow/fast effect,... completely independent from one other  ,.... :)
 ,... Conclusion what we have - 3 completely independent from one other physical scenes (default/main need autosimulation on + 2 local physical scenes)- with independent physical steps,... if you wish trajectory get position from one physical scene ball put in array/list and spawn/instantiate many small(trajectory mark) in those positions,... i hope someone help ,... and sorry for long explanation :)

Unity 2019.1.2f1
Playmaker 1.9.0p15

 ,...after set Call Method Advanced action and don't put value,... Playmaker State window freeze (black screen - don't show info) ,... other states continue to show normaly ,... only state where Call Method Advanced action is,...
Repro: on action set behaviour, set method name, set parameter,... click other state ,... return back where is  Call Method Advanced ,... voila - no more info.
Log throw error :
Bad ErrorCheck: HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions.CallMethodAdvanced
System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

PlayMaker Help / Get Property (Every Frame) - it is common practice?
« on: October 07, 2017, 08:31:53 AM »
 Hello good Community
I have to test the property 'speed' every frame if it is greater than 0.What I'm doing is ...
Start -> Get Component, ... put component in variable (agent speed) - Jean Fabre mentioned somewhere that such component is caching.

... next state, ..

Get Property (every frame) -> (speed), ... test if speed is greater than 0,... etc.,..

 My question is, is it usually done - take property in every frame?. Is bad practice ,...and should it be avoided (i can't avoid,.. logicaly must test against 0).
Is there any technique to soften this cheak 60 times per second ?.
  Thanks in advance.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Collision 2D Event - detect on layer not only Tag?
« on: August 28, 2017, 04:14:26 AM »
Š¢hanks for the reply.
You, sir, are giving an example of a wonderful written action - a great set of possibilities.
 It would be good if all actions followed this form.
 Monsieur Jean accepted it as a positive criticism.  :)
 I took (Enable Collider 2D) as template,... and replaced a tag with a layer and voila,... it was - work.  :) Atached Action
I wish good health to both of you.

PlayMaker Help / Collision 2D Event - detect on layer not only Tag?
« on: August 26, 2017, 05:01:29 AM »
Playmaker 1.8.5 - Unity 5.6.1.f1 - 2D Collision detection question,...
 Collision 2D Event (action) but on Layer not on Tag - like Get Next Overlap Circle(for example),that all - it's basic question but,... do you have idea guys how can be done?
I cheak all Actions -> Ecosystem -> Google -> forum here. I don't have scripting skills if necessary to modify default action (Collision 2D Event),... if can't be done the only alternative left is Get Next Overlap Circle?
 Tnx in advance and sorry if is stuped question - answered many time.

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