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Are there any templates that could showcase a simple game going from beginning to end made with PlayMaker.  Sort of what like unity does with there tutorials showing you how to go from start to finish for different game genres. 

  So you would start from the opening GUI screen do the normal start option buttons.  Then load the first level.  Then in that level have a particle effect or trigger loading the next level and so forth so that way you know and learn how to go from level to level.  Have a way to die say be it falling off or losing health restart the game at last level and so forth.  Lose lives or health then game gets restarted.  Very simple template to build off for say a FPS type game to get things going with PlayMaker. 

  Any help on this would be great.  Thanks.


  Been following playmaker and wanted to purchase it and use it for iphone specific development so here are my questions.

1.  I wanted a control with your finger where you would "flick" your finger on an object and it flies off.  First you would hold the object as you press down with your finger then you would flick up or whatever direction you want the object to fly off and it would take off based on how much you go upward or any direction on your finger. 

2.  Simple physics so when stuff gets hit with this object it reacts accordingly.

3.  The object that is being thrown with your finger will react to things as needed.  Like say I am throwing a ball at some particles or an object it would shut them off or destroy them as it gets hit.

4.  Be able to create a start GUI screen, have some GUI buttons ingame doing things to.

5.  Then not be able to win the game based on specific instructions in the game and then restart the game, have a game over GUI that lets you touch
the buttons to restart quit and so forth.

  Just Normal game play stuff but with touch on iphone.  So can playmaker take me from nothing to a complete game using iOS touch controls and gameplay really is my main question??  Thanks for this great tool and really want to get going using it.


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